Gianluca Martinenghi - Direttore - W
La Forza del destino
Teatro Nazionale di Maribor
February 2018

“Dal podio l’esperienza di Gianluca Martinenghi governava la lunga serata verdiana con grande competenza e l’orchestra, puntigliosamente preparata, gli rispondeva con onore"

(Rino Alessi, Le soirée musical)

Cavalleria Rusticana
Teatro Nazionale di Skopje
October 2017

“...then we arrive to speak about Maestro Gianluca Martinenghi. The conductor, who incorporates all these individual creations, some parts during the preparation process, some in the moment, into a convincing, reliable and fluid representation. He is the "guilty" that the orchestra sounded so excellent. He is the reason also that the choir and the soloists were concentrated, accurate and precise. They were disciplined, but also free. He is the man who in one moment has to bring all these diverse energies into one. And, last night, Maestro Marginenghi, who we already know really good, did it impeccably. And last, of all, he showed what difference it could make a good conductor, in approximately equal circumstances in the same theatre.”

(Marko Kolovsky, Composers association of Macedonia Magazine)

Opera Hong Kong
October 2016

“Hong Kong Philharmonic under the baton of Gianluca Martinenghi; it is hard to recall an opera performance here as instrumentally convincing as this one was”

(Peter Gordon, HK ELD)

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